June 11, 2018

About us



About US

In 2011 Onmak Machinery Group was founded and as Onmak Agro is a group company which located in İzmir like as the other Onmak group companies. In the first years of our establishment we have worked as a by-industry manufacturer of  German machinery company. Our company started its operations in a 150 m²  workplace in  İzmir at Nika Kaplamacılar İndustry Area. Currently we are continuing our operations in a 1000 m² factory only for international markets. Mainly we focus on designing and the manufacturing of the  machines for  the auto,aviation and the medical industries. In 2015, our first grape seed processing plant project  in the US was completed and started operations. Our  Constanta-Romania grape seed processing project which has the most recent manufacturing technology will start its operations by July 2018.  The experienced engineers are continuously developing business planning, production and quality control processes in cooperation with German Engineers. As a result of our  discipline business model Onmak Machinery was certified by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 Norms.  To operate our business without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction is the key point for our success on international markets.